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We only have one life – a cliché but no less true for that. The funny old guy to the right (yes, me) is in the last chapter of his life, but he’s happily working on his first retirement hobby, ELTinLA online magazine, at home in Mexico. That ends this month, after two years, but I’ve already started on my second retirement hobby, 50plusArtSpace, a website for older people interested in art as an integral part of their lives, at www.50plusartspace.org.

Most of the old people we know weren’t known to us as children and we rarely think of them as children, but we all started our lives – of which we only have one! – as babies and children, of course. For the record, here’s that funny old guy above (yes, me) as a child, with my big sister, in our first home near London in 1943 during the Second World War, the last big global calamity before Covid-19. That’s luck for you – global calamity at the beginning and at the end of a life! But I’m not complaining, only trying to make the most of it, just like you. That’s life.