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English Language Teaching in Latin America

Number 22

May, 2020

In addition to the 50 articles already in the library, this 22nd number of ELTinLA online magazine offers you this new one:

2 frameworks for ELT and 1 national English programme in Latin America: Part 3


I’m no longer accepting new articles – see below.

My 81st birthday has just passed, on Children’s Day, April 30th. We old folk have lots of time and little time. We have lots of time because busy working weeks and packed agendas are a thing of the past, and I used to take three longish walks each week until the Covid-19 crisis hit. The photo on the Homepage was taken on one of those walks, to and round Parque Laguna de San Baltazar in Puebla. And we old folk have little time because our lives are now measured in fewer and fewer years ahead, not more and more years behind. We have to make the most of the remaining time, even more than we should have made the most of all the time in our lives already passed.

ELTinLA has been part of my “making the most of time“ for the past 21 months, and it’s been absolutely great for me, continuing my 55-year-long ELT working life into a bit of enjoyable, satisfying and, I hope, useful ELT hobby life. That will soon come to an end. I’ll be closing down ELTinLA in July, two months from now. By then I hope to have an announcement about the 50+ articles that have been published in ELTinLA over its two years of existence. However, if you’ve found some particularly interesting and useful, you might want to start downloading them now.

Also in July, I’ll be launching a new website, for amateur or side-line artwork of all kinds by “older people”. If you’re over 50 (preferably over 60 or 70) and have done drawing, painting, poetry writing, story writing, musical performance, etc., etc., etc., or know people who have, or would like to write about your enjoyment of art of any kind, then you might be interested in my upcoming website, 50+ArtSpace.